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September 2021. pp. 57-69
본 연구에서는 수치해석을 통해 부식결함에 따른 열수송관의 건전성 평가를 수행하였다. 유한요소기법을 이용하여 수치모형을 구축하였고, 기존 실험데이터와 비교하여 검증하였다. 수치모형을 통해 열수송관의 크기, 부식결함의 형상 및 크기에 따라 총 80개의 시나리오에 대한 파열압력을 산정하였고, 선형 회귀분석 및 기계학습 방법을 통해 열수송관의 파열압력 예측식을 도출하였다. 도출 된 열수송관의 파열압력 예측식과 기존 부식속도 모델을 결합하여 열수송관의 건전성을 평가하였다. 그 결과, 열수송관의 파열압력 예측식은 결정계수 0.9 이상의 높은 정확도를 보였으며, 열수송관의 관경이 크고 높은 부식속도에서는 열수송관의 파열압력이 운영압력(1.6MPa) 이하로 떨어짐을 확인하였다.
In this study, structural integrity of district heating pipe by corrosion defect was evaluated using numerical analysis. A numerical model was constructed using the finite element method and verified by comparison with the experimental results obtained from the literature. For parametric study, a total of 80 scenarios was considered to obtain burst pressures caused by various pipe and corrosion defect configurations. In addition, the burst pressure prediction model was proposed using the linear regression analysis and machine learning technique such as Gaussian Process Regression, Support Vector Machine, Artificial Neural Network. Consequently, structural integrity was evaluated through the burst pressure prediction model and corrosion rate model. It was confirmed that the burst pressure prediction model showed high accuracy with a coefficient of determination of 0.9 or higher. When the large diameter of pipe with high corrosion rate was applied, the burst pressure was below 1.6MPa which is the operating pressure of district heating pipe.
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